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* 4. When flying to Mexico City from an airport other than Laredo, Texas (LRD), why did you choose that airport?  Choose all that apply.

* 5. Considering your flights to Mexico City over the last 12 months, what was the approximate cost of your roundtrip tickets?

* 7. How much of a fare rate (roundtrip) would you be willing to pay for nonstop service from Laredo, Texas to Mexico City compared to your current preferred origin airport (i.e., San Antonio, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, etc...)?

* 8. If nonstop service from Laredo, Texas to Mexico City were two (2) to three (3) days per week, would you anticipate arranging your travel schedules around when the service is available in order to fly from Laredo, Texas?

* 9. Which days would be most desirable for a Laredo-Mexico City nonstop flight? (Check up to 3)

* 10. Please select your preferred time windows (may select more than one).

  Early morning (6am-8am) Morning (8am-noon) Afternoon (noon-4pm) Evening (4pm-9pm)
Departure from Laredo
Departure from Mexico City

* 11. Commercial Cargo: If applicable, what is the estimated annual volume and type of cargo that you would expect to ship by air on a nonstop Laredo-Mexico City flight?

* 12. Other comments:

* 13. Contact information: