Cowra Main Street Redevelopment Survey

Your opportunity to show support for the upgrade of the Kendal Street footpath

Cowra Council is now ready to commence Stage 2 of the main street redevelopment; a once in a generation upgrade of the Kendal Street footpath.
We need your support for this project.

The following survey is an opportunity for business operators, local residents and visitors to town to show their support for Stage 2, which includes replacement of the existing pavement, improved shopfront accessibility, new street furniture, new up-lighting, landscaping at strategic locations and an improved interface with Squire Park.

The survey will be used to support Council’s application for government funding to finalise the main street redevelopment.

In 2015 Cowra Council completed Stage 1 of a major redevelopment of our town’s main street, Kendal Street, between Brisbane and Lachlan Streets. Stage 1 included re-profiling and resurfacing the street, installation of a pedestrian median strip, improved street lighting, and redesigned parking arrangements. The project was completed with financial support of Roads and Maritime Services.

Please complete by Thursday 14 December.

* 1. I am completing this survey as a: (Please select all that apply)

* 2. Stage 1 of the main street upgrade, completed by Cowra Council in 2015, was well handled and delivered on-time.

* 3. Stage 1 of the main street upgrade, completed by Cowra Council in 2015, has improved the viability and opportunities for business in Cowra.

* 4. The continuing improvement of the Cowra main street attracts additional customers to businesses and the Cowra business district.

* 5. By improving the Cowra main street it creates a safer, more attractive place for people to visit and navigate.

* 6. The proposed pedestrian landscape upgrade of Cowra’s main street will raise the sense of community and pride for local residents.

* 7. The planned footpath improvements will improve access and safety for shoppers and tourists visiting the main street.

* 8. At least 50 per cent of the costs associated with the Cowra main street upgrade will be funded by Cowra Council with monies raised from local sources such as rates and fee revenue. Do you agree that seeking federal/state government grant funding to complete the prioritised upgrade of Cowra’s main street represents good value for money for all stakeholders?

* 9. The Cowra community supports on-going improvements to the Cowra main street business precinct.

* 10. Any other comments?