1. ACM SIGGRAPH Game Education Survey

The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee is trying to evaluate the needs of our constituency by exploring the dominance of video game education in our curriculums. Please fill this survey out to the best of your abilities.

* 1. Name of School:

* 2. How do you classify your assignment at school? (check all that apply)

* 3. Area in which the game program resides (check all that apply)

* 4. Do you have a Formal Game Program?

* 5. Do you have a Formal Game Degree?

* 6. Is your institution:

* 7. Your School is primarily:

* 8. How many years have you been teaching game related subjects?

* 9. How many students does your program currently have enrolled that are game specific in thier intentions post graduation?

* 10. How many courses comprise your game program?

* 11. Is your program interdisciplinary?

* 12. Do your students make games in your program / classes? (As compared to studying games for their cultural or social impact.)

* 13. Do students ever work in teams of four or more?

* 14. At what point in their studies do they work in teams? (Example senior project)

* 15. Do students have to do a post-mortem on their game related projects?

* 16. Do you offer game critiques?

* 17. If "yes" to Do you offer game critiques?" How do you do this?

* 18. Do you play games in class?

* 19. If you play games in class, do you explore all consoles?

* 20. Is there a research component to your games program?

* 21. Do you offer play testing on student created projects?

* 22. Do students make a visual presentation about their own games?

* 23. Do students write reports about their game creations?

* 24. How do you document student games?

* 25. In an average week, you take on a variety of roles, what percentage of the time do you? (should add up to 100%)

* 26. Have you done specific research in games?

* 27. Have you presented a paper, game or related at any conference or journal?

* 28. Have you worked in the game industry? (or any related to games – VR, simulation, theme parks)

* 29. Have you ever made a game in a:

* 30. Have you had any professional development in games?

* 31. Does your institution provide you with adequate technology to teach game courses?

* 32. Do you look to SIGGRAPH to be your source for game education information?

* 33. If not, please specify what sources you have for game education information.

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