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* 1. We're having a 2-stroke gathering in conjunction with the Barber Vintage Festival, October 6-7-8, 2017, in Birmingham, Alabama.  All 2T fans (and bikes) are welcome, although we focus primarily on streetbikes. Are you interested in attending?     Vintage Festival Website

* 2. If you would be likely to attend, what sort of bike would you bring?

* 3. How likely is it that you would attend?

* 4. Would you camp at the track, or stay in a local hotel?    
Hotel info here:  Birmingham hotels
Camping info here: camping info

* 5. If you are absolutely planning to attend, have you already made travel plans, booked a hotel , etc ?   Event tickets are on sale at https://www.barberracingevents.com/vintage-tickets.php

* 6. If you want to receive event info and updates, I need a way to reach you!   Otherwise, we will not be able to keep you informed about event planning. Complete as much or as little as you like; your email address is the most useful.   This info is only used so we can communicate about the event.  

* 7. Some people do NOT want to be involved in pre-event chatter via the email distribution list. If you do NOT want to see replies from other people, I can put you on a :BCC list only. Pre-event email is a great way to communicate and I am not willing to block all email replies, unless people specifically do not want to see it.  Please let me know if you would like to receive updates, but do not want to see any replies form other people. 

* 8. Thursday/ Friday the 5th/6th are AHRMA practice days at Barber (for AHRMA- qualified racers).   Are you interested in doing track time Thurs or Friday (but not racing)?   I will provide more info to those who say YES.

* 9. This IS a vintage race event for the fri-sunday weekend. Are you a licensed racer who is interested in racing Saturday and Sunday? (see http://www.ahrma.org/about/vintage-road-racing/ for class structures and rules).  I will send racing-specific info to those interested.   AHRMA racing

* 10. The hotspot for this event will be in the pit area, in THE GAMMA SECTION. Major complaint from our last trip to Barber, people did not get together enough. The fact is, many of us will be glued to the pits much of the weekend! Come by the pits for messaging/ social central or just to hang out and see what's up. We will have a dry erase board there to leave notes. What else should we do to communicate live?  All suggestions welcome!    The problem is, it is difficult to send a notice out on twitter, FB, email, and SMS in the middle of a race meeting.   

* 11. I strongly support a pre-event roster!  This is a good way to ID the other guys before the big weekend, or just show off your machine. If you include a photo of WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE it helps other people to get to know you! There were too many comments about not meeting enough other event-goers in 2010. We need to do better in 2017 because this is about PEOPLE!    Please send me any info you'd like to share with the group, along with a face pic and pics of your ride.   We had too many anonymous attendees last time!

* 12. Social activities:  Please give input - how would you like to meet up/ hang out with other attendees?

* 13. Above all, the GammaGatherings are about meeting up with old or new friends.   The best way to have a successful meeting is if we have the time and opportunities to get to know each other!    Please feel free to add any suggestions on how we can do this.  I will summarize our results and share the info when we have feedback.   THANK YOU!