About Biocom Institutes Military Fellowship Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor to one of our Military Fellows. The Biocom Institute’s Military Fellowship (formerly known as Biocom Institute’s Veterans Initiative) is a year-long career exploration Fellowship for transitioning and separating military personnel in the San Diego region, with scheduled events and activities held throughout the year. Each mentor is carefully matched to a Military Fellow, with whom the mentor will work one on one, as well as in group settings.

By participating in this program, you and your company will become an important part of developing a pipeline of military veterans for the life sciences industry in California, as well as letting the community know that you are supporting our veteran population. While the 10 hour time commitment is minimal, the impact that you are making is great. 

Expectations for mentors:
You will be expected to attend 3 Biocom Institute events over the course of the year, and to invite your Military Fellow to one additional industry event of your choice, where you can introduce him/her to your network. You will also provide a tour of your facility, and meet with your Military Fellow for at least one mentoring session to provide an overview of your company and to discuss industry employment opportunities.  At the end of the program, we ask that you forward your mentee’s resume to at least one other member of your professional network. You can expect to spend about 10 hours on activities and networking over the course of the year.

Sample event schedule for the program (actual dates and times will be set once mentors have been confirmed):

 ·         Conference call kick-off (all mentors) – 1 hour

·         Welcome orientation and reception (meet the Military Fellows) – 2 hours

·         Capstone and end of program celebration – 2.5 hours

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