Staffing Ratios for Medical Services Professionals

TRCN Staffing Ratio Quiz for MSP's

Let's help each other. Please respond to the latest staffing ratio quiz to ensure we can all get the job done efficiently and swiftly. Thanks for your help.
1.What is the type of organization employing the MSP?
2.How many practitioners in your organization require credentialing?
3.What is the average turnaround time in days does it take to process an application in your organization?
4.On average, how many applications are processed in one month?
5.How many individuals are processing credentialing applications?
6.How many hours per week does each individual credential team member work?
7.Are those team members responsible for administrative duties not related to the credentialing activity?
8.How many hours per week if not credentialing, do those team members perform other administrative duties?
9.Does your credentialing team perform payor enrollment if you are not a managed care organization?
10.If your team performs payor enrollment, how many applications per month are processed?
11.How many team members are assigned specifically to payor enrollment?
12.How many payor contracts does your organization have?
13.How many delegation arrangements does your organization have with those payors?
14.What is the average time in days, does it takes to get an effective date with the slowest responding payor?
15.How satisfied are you with your team numbers?