Thank you for clicking on this survey. We are seeking your feedback to see if you as parents might need more resources to help your child process the loss of a pet. If you can spare 1 minute out of your busy day to answer these questions we would be incredibly grateful.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or feedback. I am always here to listen. 

Many Thanks!

-Margot Ahlquist

* 1. How does your child react when a family pet passes away?

* 2. How does the loss of a pet impact your family's life?

* 3. How do you handle your own grief while being there for your child?

* 4. What advice, stories and/or sayings do you use to soothe your child after the loss of a pet?

* 5. Do you wish there were more resources (Books, Audio, Video, etc.) to help you engage with your child on the topic of losing a pet?

* 6. Please leave some basic contact information. NOTE: This information will not be shared or distributed in any way.