Galway City Community Network: Public Participation Network

As part of the reform of Local Government Act 2014, local authorities are required to establish Public Participation Networks in each local authority area. Galway City Community Network (GCCN) is the Public Participation Network for Galway City.

All groups and organisations in the community & voluntary sector in Galway city are eligible to join GCCN, subject to certain criteria.

Criteria for PPN Membership

To qualify for PPN membership you must have/be the following:
• Have more than five (5) members;
• Have a written Constitution or Memorandum & Articles of Association (if applying organisations are companies limited by guarantee, they should be not for profit)
• Be open to new members;
• Be active in Galway City.
• Be broadly representative and accountable.
• Hold an AGM and regular meetings.
• Be non-party political and non-sectarian.
• Be independent, with a committee or board (not a substructure or subcommittee)
• Be a minimum of six months in existence.
• Groups must be able to establish their bona fides as a community or voluntary organisation.

Please note groups formed around specific local issues are not eligible for PPN membership, for example, groups formed around opposition to a particular local planning application.
In the event of a dispute regarding eligibility, GCCN will determine eligibility for affiliation.

If you have any questions or queries with regards to this registration/membership application process, please contact

* 1. Group/Organisation details

* 2. Please provide two contact members of your Group/Organisation

* 3. Please provide two contact members of your Group/Organisation

* 4. Please provide a brief description of your Group/Organisation (aims, objectives, brief description of current areas of work etc)

* 5. Does your Organisation/Group have a Constitution or Articles and Memorandum of Association?

* 6. Does your Group/Organisation have Officers?

  Yes No

* 7. Is your Group/Organisation a:

  Yes No
Residents' Association
Company limited by guarantee

* 8. Does your Organisation/Group keep written minutes/records of meetings?

* 9. Does your Group/Organisation have a bank account?

* 10. Is your Group/Organisation open to new members?

* 11. There are three electoral colleges for the PPN:
• Social Inclusion
• Environment
• Voluntary

Each electoral collage will elect members from among their own college members to represent them on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) of Galway City Council. Each member must choose to be part of one of three electoral colleges. Please tick the electoral college that you wish to join.

To join the Social Inclusion Electoral College an organisation’s primary objectives and activities must focus on social inclusion / social justice / equality.

To join the Environment Electoral College an organisation’s primary objectives and activities must be environmental (i.e. ecological) protection and/or environmental sustainability. Membership of this Electoral College will be validated by the Environmental Pillar at a national level.

Organisations whose primary objectives are other than those listed above will be members of the Voluntary Electoral College.

* 12. The PPN will also select representatives to Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) and other structures. In order to ensure that this representation is as effective as possible please indicate your engagement with issues in the following areas. You can chose more than one:

* 13. The PPN will establish Linkage Groups to support its representatives. Please indicate the Linkage Group area(s) that your Group/Organisation wishes to participate in. You can chose more than one:

* 14. I understand that by ticking the boxes below I am confirming that all the detail supplied are true to the best of my knowledge and I am authorized to join the Galway City Community Network, the Public Participation Network in Galway city, on behalf of my Group/Ourganisaiton

  Yes No
All the details supplied are true
I wish to join the Galway City Community Network, the Public Participation Network in Galway city on behalf of my Organisation/Group

* 15. I authorize the following information to be shared with other PPN members and on the PPN website:

  Yes No
Aims & objectives
Description of work
Contact name
Contact email address
Contact phone number
Areas of interest