Saskatoon A's Coaching Evaluation

The quality of the coaches in the Saskatoon A's Baseball zone is extremely important in our efforts to ensure a fun and rewarding season for players and parents. Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation with your child. The results are confidential. Your input will help provide guidance to the zone executive in providing feedback to the coaches and assisting in the selection of next year's coaches. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!

**If you are completing the survey for multiple coaches or different teams, please submit a new survey for each one.


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In general, the coach...

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* 5. In general, the coach...

  Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree N/A
Communicated the season's expectations (tournaments, team fees, etc)
Communicated with the parents effectively
Held an adequate number of practices that were well-planned
Arrived early enough to prepare the team for games
Is knowledgeable about the sport and teaches it well
Was fair to all players on the team
Provided an environment that motivated your child
Had a positive attitude with the players
Accomodated the capabilities of individual players
Encouraged respect for umpires and opponents
I would recommend this coach again next year

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* 6. I would recommend this coach again next year