1. Basic Information

* 1. Basic Program Information

* 2. Please identify the activities that your students/group participating in, as best you can, and note your overall impression of the activity. Activities that were not completed can be left blank.

  Excellent Presentation Fine OK Needs Work
Lake History
Secchi Disk
Plankton Sampling
Aquatic Plant Sampling
Fish Sampling (seine net)
Water Column Profile (Water chemistry)
Stream Study
Class Orientation Session

* 3. How did our instructional staff do in the following areas?

  Excellent Fine OK Needs Improvement
Explanation of Safety and Behavioral Rules
Interaction with your group/students
Supporting the overall theme of the program, if appropriate
Integrating the results of monitoring activities in a way that made sense to your students/group
Time Management

* 4. Provide your assessment of the following, in terms of your objectives for your trip (Add text responses in the boxes provided):

* 5. Are there any particular areas of programming that you would like to see us offer in the future?

  Highly Desirable Might Be Nice Not Important for Us
Linkages to other participating schools
Coordination and use of data from other classes/trips
Art in combination with scientific activities
Post trip assessment of sampling results/follow-up
More Pre-trip preparatory activities

* 6. Participant contributions on the Floating Classroom blogsite make it more valuable for information-sharing and outreach to interested classes and groups. Please note your interest/ability in the following on-line options (we are contemplating new tools for 2011!):

  I have already done this I expect to do this I might do this I likely will not do this
Submit a trip report for the blog
Submit pictures
Access and use data from other trips
Participate in an on-line forum for teachers planning trips

* 7. DATA REPORT - QUESTION 1: Field Conditions

* 8. DATA REPORT - PART II: Please provide a synopsis of your water profile sampling activity here. Note temperature, pH and any other parameters recorded for each depth. This information will be added to our educational dataset.

* 10. LAST QUESTION - THANK YOU!! The Floating Classroom Committee works hard to ensure that scholarship funds are available each year. Please take some time to assess your organization's or school's ability to pay for this program in future years.
** Reserve a 2011 program date before 12/31/10 and avoid cost increases!

  Probably Possibly Not Likely
I anticipate being able to pay for the program with help from community sponsors, our PTO and/or school budget.
I anticipate that we will be able to continue supporting our program at the present level.
I do not think we will be able to pay as much next year as we did this year.
I would be willing to work on grant applications, with the assistance of the Floating Classroom, to support future programs.