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The British Council is excited to partner with Pioneers Post to introduce ‘DICE Young Storymakers’

To apply for the DICE Young Storymakers programme you must

·         be aged 18-25 on 1 March 2019

·         hold a undergraduate degree or be enrolled in an undergraduate course (of any subject) at a university or higher education institution

·         be a legal resident of Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, or the UK

·         be a native speaker of English OR be able to speak and write English at IELTS level 6.5 or equivalent (a formal qualification is not required, just the ability to speak and write [AP1] [PA(2] at this level)

·         be dedicated to a career in journalism or communications, in any form. Previous training and experience in journalism and communications is desirable but not required  

·         have a passion for positive social change and a demonstrated interest in creative or entrepreneurial approaches to addressing social issues

·         have published an article, blog, vlog, podcast, radio report or video on a third party site such as newspaper, magazine, radio programme, podcast or other media platform

·         be comfortable and imaginative in using social media to generate interest in your journalism or communications

·         have access to the internet and to the equipment necessary to produce articles, videos, podcasts or other content such as a computer, smart phone or other video or audio equipment

·         have a valid passport

·         be available to travel to and from the UK on any date between 18-24 May 2019.

Question Title

* 1. Full Name (As shown on your passport)

Question Title

* 3. What is your address?

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* 4. Email address

Question Title

* 5. Date of birth

Question Title

* 6. Nationality 

Question Title

* 7. Do you have a valid passport or National Identity Card accepted for travel to the UK?

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* 8. Were you aged between 18 and 25 on the 1st of March 2019?

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* 9. Are you available to travel to London to attend the DICE May week conference on the 18th to the 22nd of May?

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* 10. Are you currently working or studying?

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* 11. Please add a reference to support your answer to Question 10

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* 12. University Degree

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* 13. All answers must be in English.

Q1. Please provide a personal statement telling us about your journalism experience and your motivation for applying to Young Storymakers

You should refer to the following in your answer:

Your journalism experience; jobs, freelance work, voluntary or other
Why you are passionate about journalism
Why you want to be part of the DICE Young Storymakers
What social media channels you favour and how you use them to promote your articles or content

Anything over the 300 word limit will be redacted and not be shared with the moderators.
If you choose to respond in video format the limit is 2 minutes (you may post the youtube link below)

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* 14. If you have a portfolio of work please insert a link here (this can include blogs, galleries, YouTube channels, etc)

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* 15. Question 2

Write an article or provide a video or audio report about a social or creative enterprise in your country, or enterprising or creative approach in your country, to support women’s empowerment, youth employment or the inclusion of people with disabilities or other marginalised populations.

This should be a factual, journalistic article or report. It should be clear that the topic you are discussing is well-researched, based on verifiable facts, and understandable to the reader even if they have no background knowledge of the subject. It can reflect a point of view but should not be an opinion piece.

You may use a content which has been published previously as long as it is all your own work (i.e. not a group project) and meets the competition terms and conditions.

Please specify in your response which of these topics you are addressing.


Limit: 500 words, or three minutes video/audio.

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* 16. Please share any social media channels you use for professional purpose.

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* 17. If taken to interview will you be able to provide:
- Professional reference from your editor, manager, teacher or past employer
- Valid Passport
- English language qualification certificate (if you have one).

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