* 1. How do you engage with Louisville Public Media (LPM)? [Check as many as you want]

* 2. How did you first learn about Louisville Public Media? [Choose one]

* 3. What do you see as the main role(s) that Louisville Public Media plays in our community? [Check as many as you want]

* 4. What do think LPM should do more of? [check as many as you want]

* 5. Do the people you know engage with Louisville Public Media in some way?

* 6. Do you agree with the following statements?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
LPM serves most neighborhoods around the city
LPM serves people of all classes
LPM serves people across all education levels
LPM serves people who identify as both liberal and conservative
LPM serves people of many ethnic backgrounds
LPM serves people of many different lifestyles

* 7. What could LPM do to engage more people?

* 8. What are the most important strengths of Louisville Public Media?

* 9. What are the areas where Louisville Public Media most needs to improve?

* 10. What could Louisville Public Media do to make life in our community better?

* 11. What challenges do you see ahead for Louisville Public Media in the next few years?

* 12. What is your zipcode? [number with five digits]

* 13. Feel free to share your contact information, if you want to, in case our strategic planning team would like to follow up with you.

* 14. (Optional) Are you of Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin?

* 15. (Optional)  How would you describe yourself?

* 16. (Optional) To which gender identity do you most identify?

* 17. (Optional) How old are you?