DCR Customer Survey - Picnic Area Reservations for July 4, 2013

DCR is considering a reservation system for Hopkinton State Park, Cochituate State Park and Chicopee State Park on July 4th beginning in 2013. A reservation guarantees a parking space (not a picnic table or grill) at the facility on the holiday. Please give us your comments about this reservation system:

* 1. Please provide us with an email address so that we may advise you of the plans for July 4, 2013.

* 2. If available, would you be interested in reserving a parking space on July 4, 2013?

* 3. Which of these parks would you most likely choose to make a reservation?

* 4. How far in advance do you usually plan your 4th of July visit?

* 5. Would a reservation for a parking space make your park visit more predicatable and enjoyable?

* 6. We anticipate a reservation service fee of about $3 in addition to the regular parking fee. Do you think this would be a fair price for guaranteed access to the park?

* 7. Should DCR consider offering parking reservations on other summer weekends as well?

* 8. Recognizing that many people enjoy this holiday with family and friends, how many parking spaces would you likely reserve to accommodate your group?

* 9. What time would you typically plan to arrive?

* 10. How long would you expect to stay?

* 11. Please share any comments you may have about the parking reservation system being considered for July 4, 2013.