Who: March of Dimes volunteers, mission families and staff

What: Participating in one or more 15-30 minute meetings with newly elected California Assembly Members and State Senators and/or their staff members

When: Friday, January 25 and Friday, February 1

Where: In the legislators' district offices throughout California

Why: The 2013-2014 legislative session recently started and approximately one-third (39 members) of the California Legislature are new members following the November 2012 election. As these legislators represent us and will be voting on issues critical to the health of women and children in California, it is important that we establish a relationship with these offices early on and make them aware of the mission of the March of Dimes. The goal of the meetings is to educate newly elected legislators and their local staff members about the work that we are doing in their district and our advocacy efforts in California.

* 1. Please select a day and time slot(s) when you would be available to attend a meeting.

* 2. Please indicate how many meetings you would like to attend.

* 3. Please provide your contact information. Justin Garrett, State Director of Advocacy & Government Affairs, will schedule the meetings and follow up directly with details about the time, location and other attendees.

* 4. If there is a specific new legislator that you would like to meet with, please list below.