Special offer for sport, aquatic & leisure centres (*)

Thank you for your continued support of our research. As an ongoing partner, you are aware that CERM PI is a leader in customer service quality research, and operational management indicators in the sport and leisure, tourism and hospitality, and event industries.

In order for CERM PI to provide the best possible service to you, we would like to confirm your interest in CERM PI Customer Service Quality (CSQ) surveys for 2018.

We have a special offer for organisations signing up before 31 January 2018:  you will enjoy savings for your organisation by locking the survey at 2017 prices: $ 4,785 (inc. GST) for CERM PI CSQ Survey.

* 1. Facility name

* 2. Please name your local council

* 3. Please indicate in the table below when you plan to complete the Customer Service Quality Surveys?

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* 5. Any comments?

* 7. Would you like to see any changes to the items/measures in the surveys? Are we capturing all the relevant data for your centre? Please feel free to provide some constructive feedback.