* 1. Please answer the following

* 3. List at least five (5) words that come to mind when you think about the environment.

* 4. List at least five (5) things you know about wetlands.

* 5. List three (3) important parameters to measure water quality.

* 6. Explain how we help the state of Louisiana when we raise paddlefish in our classroom

* 7. List three (3) ways in which you like to learn.

* 8. Tell us about your BEST outdoor experience.

* 9. My favorite subject is____________.

* 10. Pick the best choice of the following:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. I like to go to the beach.
2. I enjoy going to aquariums.
3. I like being in a swamp.
4. I enjoy being outdoors.
5. Swimming is fun.
6. I like to read about nature.
7. Fishing is fun.
8. Animals scare me.
9. I like visiting wetlands.
10. I enjoy going to the zoo.
11. I like riding in boats.
12. I enjoy walking in the woods.
13. Spending the day at a river or a bayou is fun.
14. I enjoy going to museums.
15. I like to fish for crabs.
16. Walking in the woods is creepy.
17. I like being in the marsh.
18. I am afraid to be near the water.
19. Fishing is boring.
20. I enjoy observing wildlife.
21. Going to a lake or a pond is fun.

* 11. Pick one of the following choices to answer each statement.

  Yes. No, I would like to. No, I'm not interested
1. I have been to the beach.
2. I have visited an aquarium.
3. I have visited a swamp.
4. I can swim.
5. I have read about nature.
6. I have gone fishing.
7. I have been to a wetland.
8. I have visited a zoo.
9. I have gone on a boat ride.
10. I have been in the woods.
11. I have been to a river or a bayou.
12. I have visited a museum.
13. I have fished for crabs.
14. I have been to the marsh.
15. I have observed wildlife.
16. I have been to a lake or pond.

* 12. Please tell us ways you learn about the environment.

* 13. Tell us about your experiences with the Native Fish Project this year.

* 14. How can we make the project better for students?