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In October Aaron Lyones and Catherine Bergen facilitated a circle process for Trainers in the ATA.  This was the follow up to the circles that were conducted at the Global ATA Summit in July. 

The purpose of this exercise is to establish an ethical and practical “compass” in KRI’s decision making as the ATA navigates key decisions in consultation with Academy members., Two of the major pressing issues at stake are “Hierarchy” and “The representation/legacy of Yogi Bhajan.”  We are grouping these principles under clusters of values that we heard articulated at the October 5th sessions with KRI trainers. Trainers gave  feedback on “What are the  proposed values and principles that could assist with directing our  decision making at this time?”  Values and principles provide a compass for understanding how to prioritize decisions during turbulent times.  It is important to note that these are not KRI’s principles - these are proposed principles for decision making coming from you all as trainers.  Your input on this list of possible principles will inform which of these we collectively adopt as we move towards decision making. 

We will use the same scale that we have used  at TTEC in the past:

5  “I totally agree with this principle”

4  “I agree with this principle”

3  “I am neutral about this principle”

2 “I dislike this principle”

1“I cannot live with principle

Please take a moment to carefully review these principles and the supporting values.  It is important to note that you will only evaluate the principles, not the values.  

In the principles below, the term “we” refers to KRI staff and to all trainers.  We are all KRI.
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