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The process of mapping and transforming data is a complex process, and one that is increasingly important for data management in digital libraries.

The following survey is designed to gather information about the needs of individuals in the community who perform tasks related to creating and implementing of data mappings.

The results of this survey will be used for assessing opportunities and needs for creating a mapping and transformation tool.

(Expected time for completion 3 Minutes)

* 1. Which library type best describes the library you work in/for/with?

* 2. Have you encountered a need for data mapping and transformation in your work?

* 3. Which of these tasks are conducted on your site?

* 4. In general, how many individuals at your site currently participate in the mapping and transformation of data?

* 5. When you are involved in data mapping, correcting mapping errors, and transforming data from one to another, what percentage of your total work effort is dedicated to this activity?

* 6. What tools are used at your site for handling these processes (Clio, MapForce, etc)?
You may list more than one:

* 7. How satisfied are you with the tools currently available to you:

* 8. If you use these kinds of tools, which of the following features would you find attractive in a data mapping tool? (click any that apply)

* 9. Thank you for participating in this survey

if you have any suggestions please use this box or email rrifaieh@sdsc.edu

if you would like to be contacted for use cases collection please leave your email address.