Community Associations Institute (CAI) is reviewing the National Reserve Study Standards to determine if updates are needed to address issues that have surfaced following the devastating condominium collapse in Miami, Florida. A team of Reserve Study Specialists (RS®) and a task force of other stakeholders was appointed to review the National Reserve Study Standards. Specifically, the task force was charged with evaluating whether components with a useful life greater than 30-years should be included in reserve studies; how maintenance should be addressed, if at all, in a reserve study; and how, if at all, building inspections/structural integrity is addressed in a reserve study.
As part of the process, we are asking community managers and board members to share their thoughts on current practices and what you want and recommend be included in reserve studies. Please participate in this process by taking a few minutes to complete this brief survey. Thank you in advance for contributing to this important project. We will keep in touch with you throughout the process. Again, many thanks for your participation.