Parking Rules

* 1. In order to receive a parking pass for River West Church or LOHS you must complete this module and test. Once you have completed this test it may take up to 24hrs for a parking permit to be issued to you. Please check the attendance office after 24hrs to pick up your pass.

* 2. All Seniors MUST park in non-labeled parking spaces and Juniors MUST park at River West Church, all seniors and juniors must park in designated areas. The designated areas will be explained in later slides.

* 3. JUNIORS-If you are selected for the Gravel Lot at LOHS you will have a stickered pass and MUST park only in this area. If you park in a separate area you will be ticketed.

* 4. ALL Students-You MUST have your permit on the car you drive each day or risk being ticketed.

* 5. Please be good to our neighbors and the church as they are allowing us to use this space.

* 6. Being respectful and following the rules means:

Driving at safe speeds
Being respectful to their patrons

Picking up any garbage that is around your car or other cars (We do not have anyone to help clean the parking lots so it is your responsibility)

Parking in the correct area

* 7. Ticketing-
If someone is parking in the lot that should not be, please tell the attendance office or an administrator. We have plenty of parking for the students with passes, so if someone else is parking in the lot without a pass they are taking YOUR space.

* 8. Unsafe driving
Leaving campus during the day
Inappropriate behavior
Parking inappropriately
Selling your pass

* 9. From time to time the church may have an event where we lose the right to park for an event they are hosting. If this occurs there will be plenty of notice but you will be unable to park at this time.

Senior Parking Area in the front of the school. Students can park in any UNLABELED parking space on the LOHS campus with a purchased permit.

* 10. Seniors with passes are the only students allowed to park in this area of the school.

Senior Back Parking Lot

Senior Parking areas

* 11. Seniors with passes are the only students allowed to park in this area of the school.

Juniors can park in the red area only. In the parking lot small reflectors are placed in the spots to show where you are to park.

* 12. Juniors MUST park in these areas in order to avoid being ticketed.

* 13. Final acknowledgment.

* 14. Complete the following boxes and send your response. It will be processed within 24hrs.

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