1. Confidentiality Agreement and Question Descriptions

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. As you may be aware, this survey is being commissioned by LOCO BC and is being conducted by Civic Economics.

Civic Economics has been doing these local analyses since 2012. Civic Economics also conducted a previous study  analyzing the effects of independent retailers in British Columbia. The results can be found  here.

LOCO BC is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver promoting the importance of small and local business. LOCO BC is working with Civic Economics to demonstrate the recirculation effect of money spent with local restaurants and retailers.

The survey results will be the basis for generating a report analyzing the differences between independent businesses and multinational corporations in terms of keeping money within the local economy.

When filling out survey answers, the study area as defined for this survey is British Columbia, Canada. This will be referenced a few times as you move through the questions.

All results, beyond simple descriptive answers that show that you have participated, will remain confidential and will only be seen by Civic Economics and LOCO BC. For more information please contact Matthew Cunningham with Civic Economics at mattc@civiceconomics.com.