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Below are the competition rules applicable to all competitions conducted/promoted partly or wholly by or associated with the Growsmart Educational Programme.

1.    The Growsmart Competition Live and On Air is only open to learners in the Eastern Cape and the learner must be in Grade 4, Grade 5 or Grade 6.
2.    A learner may only participate once in any one of the Growsmart competitions during their lifetime.
3.    A school may not enter a learner who has participated in any of the Growsmart competitions previously. 
4.    The organisers reserve the right to restrict the number of learners per school participating in the competition to 1. 
5.    The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into by Growsmart, the Eastern Cape Department of Education, Tru FM or any of the sponsors and   their agents. 
6.    From time to time a Growsmart representative will have photographs/videos taken which will be used for social media purposes only and not for commercial use.
7.    By entering the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions.
7.1         I have obtained/ have given permission from the parent and/or legal guardian for the learner to participate in the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air
7.2        I have obtained/ have given permission from the parent and/or legal guardian for photographs/videos of the learner and/or their representative to be taken for the use of social media
7.3        The learner will participate in the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air of their own free will and without having been induced by any person whatsoever;
8.    Any learner not in compliance with the above, and / or learners eligibility requirements to participate may be disqualified from the competition.
9.    Growsmart reserves their rights to verify a learner’s application to participate in the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air at any stage of the competition.
10.  Any learner found not to be eligible to participate in the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air may forfeit their prizes or benefits received.
11.    The total value of the prize value will be communicated during the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air. The amount that can be won by each learner will be related to the place they achieve in the competition.  
12.    When the tablet is awarded as the prize during the competition, the tablet will be couriered and delivered to the winner’s school and proof of identification will be required.
13.    The parent (s)/ mentor (s) will receive their prize money in the form of a shopping voucher; they only may select from the following list of centres
13.1         Greenacres Mall;
13.2        Walmer Park Shopping Centre;
14.    The learner (s) will not receive their prize in cash. They will be able to make suggestions based on their educational needs as to how they would like their prize spent. Their choices are as follows, but not limited to, educational hardware and software; primary school fees both in arrears and in advance; uniforms and stationery.
15.    Growthpoint Properties reserves their rights as to what items are approved to be purchased for the learners.
16.    Prizes can only be bought from Growthpoint Properties approved suppliers.
17.    The prize is not negotiable.
18.    The prize is not transferable.

19.    The prize cannot be substituted for cash and there is no cash alternative for the prize.
20.    You must acknowledge and accept that once the final competition has been completed there will be a delay in receipt of the prizes. This will be dependent on the period of time it takes to verify all the prize winners; submit; process and receive the orders.
21.    The final competition will be overseen by either an independent accountant, registered auditor, attorney or advocate.
22.    The parent or mentor of the school will be expected to confirm receipt of the prizes by way of signature.
22.1        No person may on behalf of a third party, enter any into the Growsmart Competition Live and On Air. All entries must be made personally by the entrant.
22.2        No director or employee at Growthpoint Properties and / or Tru FM or their agencies, service providers, consultants and members of their immediate family; nor members of the sponsors of any competition listed on this page.
23. GENERAL- Growthpoint Properties reserves its right to hold void, suspend, cancel, or amend the Prize Draw if it becomes necessary to do so due to circumstances outside its control.

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