A Little About Yourself, in 14 Short Questions

Albany Can Code invites everyone with the aptitude and interest to work in tech to be encouraged and included. Please be honest! This application is about who and where you really are.

For prospective students interested in learning more, please read our FAQ at this page.

* 1. Are you age 18 or older?

* 2. Where in the Capital Region do you live?

* 3. Are you currently employed?

* 4. What is your level of experience with coding/computer science? (all that apply - and tell us more in the comment box please :)

* 5. When did you first become interested in learning to code?

* 6. Which of these areas of the information technology field appeals most to you?

  Yes! Maybe Not sure No way
User Side (creative, design, user interface, user experience with apps and sites)
Business Side (technical conversations and proposals, project management, project analysis)
Developer Side (writing, fixing, improving code to create functions, test and improve performance)
Data Side (working to gather, structure, analyze data)
IT Side (networking, installation and maintenance, hardware configuration)

* 7. What is the next number in this sequence?

      5   12   26   54   110   222   446   __

* 9. Reading comprehension:

Anyone who’s tried to watch a popular show like Game of Thrones online has probably had moments where everything pauses and you’re stuck watching a spinning wheel or blinking dots as the streaming service struggles to handle viewer demand.  Peer5, one of the startups in the current class at incubator Y Combinator, is working to solve this problem. They have already signed up customers like Premier League football, Sony and DailyMotion, to help them deliver video all over the world.

CEO Hadar Weiss compared traditional, centralized content delivery infrastructure to a highway: “At 3 a.m., there’s no problem, you can drive 70 miles per hour and everything works well. At 3 p.m., the 101 is like a parking lot. What Peer5 does is, we add lanes. Even if you have a rush hour you can still drive." Peer5's approach doesn't replace traditional, centralized delivery infrastructure, which is provided by companies like Akamai - but adds an intelligent layer to the mesh network.  

While existing technology can handle issues like security, Peer5 software knows which users should be connected because they’re watching the same program and are near each other. 

(please check each TRUE statement)

* 10. You've been given the rest of the day off from work. It's 2:00 PM on a Tuesday afternoon. Your daily social and financial responsibilities to friends and family have already been taken care of, save for dinner, which will be served at 5:00 PM. You've decided to work on a personal project. What are you working on?

* 11. List all the things the following drawing reminds you of, delineated by commas (e.g. box, envelope, house).
      List as many as you can.

* 12. Tell us how to contact you:

* 13. Which of our courses are you interested in?

* 14. Please share a telephone number, if you would like us to be able to interview you.