Milk River Cable IPTV - Waitlist

Milk River Cable Club - IPTV Waitlist

IPTV Launch Survey -

IPTV is TV provided through your internet connection. The new service is replacing our old outdated cable TV services and provides superior picture quality, fewer service interruptions, and an overall better experience for you and your family. At the onset of our launch, we will have a limited supply of boxes and manpower for installations, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work to create a smooth changeover for everyone staying with us here at The Cable Club. 

To better serve you, our Member-Owners we are instituting a waitlist for IPTV equipment and installation. The waitlist will operate on a first-come-first-served basis, so please add your name and details as soon as you know you would like to switch with us!
1.Would you like to be signed up for the Cable Cub's IPTV waitlist?
2.If you answered "Yes" please provide us with your full name and account number:
3.How many boxes do you need? (Usually one per TV you would like to receive TV service on)
4.Do you require PVR devices? (boxes that allow you to record shows)
5.Do you currently use The Cable Club's internet services?