Recently, you requested services from the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office. We want to know if we met your expectations.

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* 1. Which best describes you?

* 2. What was your reason for contacting HCFMO?

* 3. How long ago did we last provide this service?

* 4. Was the service you requested for a State-licensed facility?

* 5. How did you contact us?

* 6. How many times did you contact our office before your issue was resolved?

* 7. How long did it take to resolve your issue?

* 8. Overall, please rate your satisfaction with our customer service.

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A
The quality of service or information provided.
The value of the service or information provided.
Response time.
The quality of any personal contacts.

* 9. For online/website interaction, please rate your experience:

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Completeness of available information
Organization of available information
Usefulness of forms
Overall interactive experience

* 10. For telephone or e-mail interactions, please rate your experience:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A
Courteous, Helpful and Professional Staff
Knowledgeable staff
Timely referral to the correct staff member
Organization of information
Value of suggestions and information
Completeness of information
Returned calls and emails in a timely manner
Speed of service at the administrative office
Convenient office hours
Overall experience

* 11. For in-person service, please rate your experience with HCFMO staff members:

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor N/A
Overall quality of the experience.
Quality and detail of service or information provided.
Value of service or information provided.
Courteous, helpful and professional staff.
Personal appearance, helpfulness, and courtesy.
Care for my property and for me.
Respect for my time and convenience.
Time needed to complete tasks.
Ability to answer questions and resolve problems professionally and courteously.
Ability to explain what I need to do to correct identified fire or life safety hazards.
Offered suggestions on how to resolve my particular situation.
Ability to anticipate my needs without being asked.

* 12. If you were not satisfied any feature of our service, please explain.

* 13. Are there any HCFMO personnel you would like to identify regarding your experience with them -- positive or negative?

* 14. Do you have any other suggestions how we could improve our customer service?

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