In South Australia, we have excellent public sector abortion services, yet abortion remains in the criminal law. The South Australian Abortion Action Coalition are campaigning to have abortion removed from criminal law, and regulated within health law/regulations. 

Has the law impacted on your ability to provide abortion services or support? We want to hear from healthcare providers and community service workers about your experiences. Many politicians seek the stories from professionals involved in the area, and first hand experience can be very impactful in influencing decisions. We are  particularly seeking stories of abortion services/access in regional and remote areas.

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  2. You also have the option of providing your details if you are interested in sharing your experience/awareness of issues around abortion care for the benefit of this campaign. If you share your details, a saaac member will contact you to discuss options further. 

The South Australian Abortion Action Coalition (saaac) is a broad coalition of people whose goal is to improve access to abortion in South Australia. Members have diverse backgrounds, including the medical, legal, academic, social justice, and advocacy professions.

For more information on the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition, please visit our website.

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* 2. Tell us your experience/s of providing or support abortion services (particularly how the law has impacted the process)

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Thank you for telling us your story. You telling us your story helps us improve access to abortion in South Australia. 

For any further questions please contact us via our website.