Presidential Inauguration Trivia test

Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States when he takes the oath of office on Friday, Jan. 20.  How will his inauguration and the events surrounding it compare to those of his predecessors? Test your knowledge of previous inaugurations by taking our 15-question trivia quiz.  Check our Sunday @Issue section and our online sites for the answers. 

* 1.  Which president delivered the longest Inaugural Address?

* 2. Which of the following groups or performers have committed to performing at Donald Trump's inauguration? 

* 3. John F. Kennedy was the first president to have a poet participate in the official inauguration ceremony. Who was the only other president to do so? 

* 4. Who was the only vice president to give an inauguration speech while visibly drunk? 

* 5. Who was the only president to be sworn in by a woman? 

* 6. Which of the following serve on the 2017 Presidential Inaugural Committee, which organizes inauguration-related events at the direction of the president-elect and vice-president elect, such as the parade, concerts, balls and prayer service? 

* 7. Which president had the most inaugural balls? 

* 8. Who was the last president to wear the traditional stovetop hat to his inauguration?

* 9. What was the largest crowd for an inauguration ceremony on the Mall?

* 10. How many groups are seeking permits to protest at the inauguration? 

* 11. Traditionally, presidents who are sworn into office raise their right hand and place their left hand on the Bible.  Only a few have not.  Which of the following is among them? 

* 12. How many inaugurations occurred because of a president's death or resignation?

* 13. Only four outgoing presidents did not attend the inaugurations of their successors.  Which one of the following did attend their successor's inaugural? 

* 14. How much did tickets to the first inaugural ball cost? 

* 15. About how long will the inauguration parade last next week?