WELCOME! This extensive survey is designed to elicit as much information as we can to help define the true nature of the regressive Adult Baby community. There are 120 questions and if you want to do it in more than one session it will remember your IP address and you can continue where you left off. IP addresses are not used for any other purpose.

Question Title

* 1. This survey is designed to discover as much as possible about the needs, desires and behaviours of Regressive Adult Babies. By 'regressive' I don't mean role-playing an infant or toddler but rather the psychological experience that large numbers have where they feel that they become - at least in part - an actual infant in their feelings, emotions, reactions and behaviours. We cant of course become EXACTLY like a baby but when regressed we can mimic or approximate many of these behaviours as well as experience some of the feelings and emotions.

So the first question is simply this?

Are you a regressive adult baby, either in part or wholly so?