Short version of the LNA

Kindly help assess the need for a learning module on ‘Environmental Awareness and Management’ among Businesses in India.
Your input will help ensure effective learning thereby helping learners apply their newly acquired knowledge to their jobs passing on the benefit to their companies.
In appreciation of your time we will enter you into a lucky dip for a copy of ‘Green, Blue and Everything in Between’ by Dr.Prasad Modak, his second book on Sustainability based on his popular blog.

* 1. Please state your name here

* 2. Please share your job title or designation here

* 3. Please share the name of your company here

* 4. Do you have a department whose function includes environmental management in your company?

* 5. Which department looks after Employee engagement and learning in your company?

* 6. Does the department in charge of learning and professional development offer E-learning courses? If yes, then does it run on an in-house Learning Management System (LMS) or on your Intranet? 

* 7. If no, then do they plan to commence E-learning? 

* 8. Does your company already have an E-learning module on Environmental Management and Sustainability? 

* 9. Do you think that an E-learning module on Environmental Awareness & Management will help a Business

* 10. Do you see a need in your company for an E-learning course on Environmental Awareness & Management for Business Sustainability?

* 11. In your opinion what is the ideal duration for an E-learning module on Environmental Awareness?

* 12. We plan to also offer customised E-learning modules to different companies. Do you feel we should also develop a general awareness module for Business, and would you be interested in this module?

* 13. What is the feedback you receive on E-learning from the learners? If you are privy to such feedback, if not, skip this question.

* 14. Thanks for answering the questions so far. Our last question is would you and/or your organisation be interested in this module? Please leave your contact email address so we can email you the content map of what it will look like.