STRIVE! To Make Your Voice Heard In Epilepsy Surgery Research

The opinions of epilepsy patients matter to us! STRIVE is a survey developed by Dr. Robert Knowlton, Director of the UCSF Seizure Disorders Surgery Program. The survey was created to help Dr. Knowlton and researchers from other institutions learn what patients with epilepsy might think about a study that is being planned in the future.

The STRIVE survey describes a research study for a specific type of epilepsy surgery in comparison to continued medical treatment, and then asks patients to think about whether, if they were asked to participate in a similar study, they would do so.

Any patient with epilepsy is welcome to participate in the survey; we value each patient’s input!


* 1. Do you have Epilepsy?

* 2. Have you been told that you have Focal Epilepsy?

* 3. Are you undergoing evaluation for Epilepsy Surgery?

Patient Survey

* 4. Gender

* 5. Age

* 6. Date:


* 7. UCSF is planning a research trial that will study the effectiveness of surgery for a specific type of epilepsy that has not been sufficiently evaluated yet. This type of epilepsy is known as neocortical epilepsy. We plan to determine whether brain surgery or other interventions including medication are more effective in controlling seizures in people with this type of epilepsy. Patients who agree to enroll in this trial will be assigned into one of two groups by a random method such as flipping a coin, or drawing numbers from a hat, which means that you will not be able to choose which group you are assigned to.  One group will be treated with surgery and the other group will be treated with medication. The study will last for a period of one year after which the group treated with medication will be eligible to have surgery if they wish. The purpose of the study will be to compare the two groups. It will provide us with valuable information about how best to treat this kind of epilepsy and counsel patients about decisions regarding surgery.

If a study like this was offered to you, would you be willing to enroll?

* 8. Reason?