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Internet Evangelism Day is both an annual worldwide focus day, and a year-round online resource. Its purpose is to explain the growing range of opportunities for individual Jesus-followers, churches, missions and other ministries to share the good news online.

The website carries a range of articles on different topics, plus the twice-monthly email newsletter Web Evangelism Bulletin | Digital Evangelism Issues blog | Twitter feed

No questions are compulsory - just answer in as much detail as you are able. This is not a yes/no questionnaire, but is really a short conversation so we can learn from each other.

As a thank you for your help and insights, you may download free Paul Clifford's excellent book TWEETING CHURCH. The download link is with the last question.

You are on your honor not to post that link (or the book) publicly online - this is a special offer only for those who answer the survey:-) Big thanks to Paul. He has also written PODCASTING CHURCH, CHURCH VIDEO SUMMER SCHOOL, and THE SERVING CHURCH. You can find his excellent resources at

* 1. If you use the IE Day website, or receive the newsletter, blog or twitter feed, what topics that we cover do you find most helpful? Are there topics that you would like to see covered more, less, or differently? Please explain.

* 2. Do you use digital media for evangelism in any way? This includes social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc), being a website developer or church website admin, blogging and writing, creating video shorts or longer films/animations, ementoring inquirers, online gaming, etc.? And what websites, books or other training have most helped you to minister in any of these areas?

* 3. You will probably agree that the worldwide church is not yet fully grasping the potential for digital evangelism? What do you feel are the barriers to a wider awareness and effective use of digital media, especially for intentional evangelism to outsiders? How can we all overcome these problems or misconceptions, and advocate digital media more effectively to the rest of the worldwide church?

A further issue, you may also agree, is a lack of research studies into different areas of digital ministry. There is much anecdotal evidence for effectiveness, but in-depth research requires considerable time, resources, experience, clear methodologies, and is harder to achieve due to the diffused non-geographical nature of the Web. Are there areas that you would like to see researched? Or indeed good research studies you know of?

* 4. Does your church have a website? Facebook page? Does it have a defined digital strategy? If so, how was this strategy formulated and how is its ongoing effectiveness evaluated? How well is digital integrated into the rest of the ministry?

* 5. How many people (if any) are directly involved in your church digital strategy? What do you see as the biggest challenges for creating and administering an effective church website and/or digital media strategy? Please briefly share examples of the website or strategy working well to engage with outsiders. Such stories are rarely published, and yet can inspire others to emulate your own strategy.

* 6. Does your church or ministry have, or would you consider appointing, a 'digital advocate' to resource and train the rest of the fellowship/team in digital ministry opportunities, especially how to use social media to engage with outsiders? (See If you already have such a advocate, please share how this works out in practice.

* 7. Are you familiar with any of these resource pages of video shorts that can be used to engage with outsiders: | | | ? Have you used video shorts from any of these, or from similar sites, to post onto Facebook or Twitter, embed in websites/blogs, download for meetings, or onto a mobile phone to share one-to-one? Please share your experiences.

* 8. Have you installed on your smartphone such resource apps as the Damaris Talking About Jesus app, JESUS Film app, movie clips, conversation-starting video shorts, the YouVersion Bible, or others? If so, which apps or video clips do you recommend, and why? Are there other ways you use (or would consider using) mobile phones for evangelism or discipleship?

* 9. Has your church or organization used Internet Evangelism Day in the past as a way to help your church or ministry examine digital opportunities? How did it go? Or do you plan to do this in 2013? What new resources would best help you share these opportunities in your church or team?

* 10. Please share other insights, concerns, comments, resources, examples, success stories, or anything else you'd like to say about any area of digital evangelism. It would be helpful also to know what country you live in. If you want us to reply to you on any of these areas, plus add your email address. This questionnaire is private - your answers are NOT visible online for others to see.

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Grateful thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience. As a thank you, here is the download link for the free ebook TWEETING CHURCH. Copy/paste it into a new browser tab, or somewhere else to save until later: