* 1. Name

* 2. Gender

* 3. Organisation

* 4. Position/Role

* 5. Place of work (City and country)

* 6. Email address

* 7. Preferred telephone number (with country code +)

* 8. Alternate contact number (with country code +)

* 9. Please tick the most appropriate box for the type of organisation that you work for.

* 10. Tick up to 3 boxes that describe your main areas of work?

* 11. Do you have experience with, and/or are you currently participating in a Cash Working Group?

* 12. Have you participated in CaLP training (online or face-to-face) before?

* 13. Tick the boxes that could fit in your understanding of CTP.

* 14. Do you accept to be a member of the Regional Cash Working Group (RCWG), registered in the D-Group, and/or to receive the quarterly CaLP newsletter?

* 15. Please rank which week of the month would you prefer to attend the RCWG meeting?

* 16. What time would be most suitable for you to attend the RCWG meeting? Please select one.

* 17. By which method would you prefer to attend the RCWG meeting?

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