This disbursement continues as Tribal General Welfare Benefit and is not subject to income tax.

This assistance is provided pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act. This assistance responds specifically to the negative economic impact suffered by you and your household by reason of public health emergency with respect to COVID-19.

This assistance program was established by the Lummi Indian Business Council. The program is funded by the Federal government and the distribution and use of these funds is subject to Federal Law.

The Federal guidance on allowable cash payments by governments states:

“Cash transfers grossly in excess of the amount needed to address the negative economic impact identified by the recipient would not be considered to be a response to the COVID-19 public health emergency or its negative impacts.”

Tribal Governments may consider and take guidance from the [$1,400] per person amounts previously provided by the federal governments in response to the COVID crisis”



Eligible uses of this assistance included cost for:

• Food and meals

• Housing (rent, mortgage)

• Utilities

• Basic household supplies

• Emergency needs (including necessary home repair, weatherization, etc.)

• Internet and other digital access for remote learning and work

• Education (including tuition, job training, supplies, tutors, etc.)

• Counseling and behavioral health needs

• Unreimbursed medical and wellness expenses

• Cost of caring for additional household occupants, elders or other family members

• Increased transportation cost

• Safety and sanitation cost related to mitigating risk of COVID-19

This form will be used for LIBC internal use only. This information contained on this form is not for distribution to any outside agency or entity. Exception: Data may be aggregated for analytical purposes.

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