1. Introduction

Worldwide, the demand for valves is expected to double in the next few years. How well manufacturers streamline their sales operations, shorten sales cycles, differentiate themselves from competitors, improve accuracy of quotes & enhance sales productivity will determine how competitive they become. It will also influence how well they can position themselves to garner a sizable share of this growing market.

Improved speed of response & higher accuracy of quoting are competitive differentiators. A longer sales cycle will have an adverse impact on their competitive edge. Valve manufacturers need to analyze past performance, especially of business lost, in order to understand what changes could be brought about in their sales strategies. Understanding & appreciating their customers’ perception of quality, time or responsiveness helps them understand potential shortcomings, and thus bring about the necessary changes in sales strategy.

Configurator Solutions, Inc. (www.configuratorsolutions.com) is conducting this survey with key management & sales executives of valve manufacturers worldwide to understand their approach to this situation. The survey aims to identify critical pain points of the sales cycle.

We invite you to participate in the survey, understand what your peers think and benefit from their collective knowledge. In return for their support, all respondents who complete the survey will receive a soft copy of the report detailing the results.

We request you to pass on this link to other senior management & sales executives within your organization.

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