* 1. Which School do(es) your child(ren) attend?

* 2. Do you understand the Title I program as it currently exists at
your school?

* 3. What is the best way for us to communicate with you?  Please use this as a reminder to make sure your contact information is up-to-date with the school office

* 4. My school provides a clean, safe environment for teaching and

* 5. I feel welcome at my child's school

* 6. I get information about my child's school from the Yucaipa-
Calimesa Joint Unified School District's website.

* 7. Are you satisfied with the communication effort of your child's

* 8. What time is most convenient for you to attend parent workshops/

* 9. Have you been asked about ways in which the school could
improve its parent involvement activities?

* 10. Are you interested in becoming a member of the Parent Advisory Council at your child's school?

* 11. Are you interested in representing your school on the District
Title 1 Advisory Committee?

* 12. My student(s) use(s) the following opportunities/services at

* 13. I attend the following school opportunities/activities/services:

* 14. What topics, regarding you child's education, would you be
interested in learning more about?

* 15. I would recommend the following changes to the Title 1 Parent
Involvement Policy:

* 16. I would recommend the following changes to the Title 1 Student/
Parent/Guardian School Compact: