1. Online Social Networking Questionnaire

Online social networks are websites that function like an online community of Internet users
who share common interests in hobbies, religion, or politics. An example of online social
networks is Facebook. This survey is designed to get feedback on the impact of online social
networking on female teenagers in United Arab Emirates.

* 1. Select your gender:

* 2. Type your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy):

* 3. Select your status:

* 4. Select your occupation:

* 5. What is your degree:

* 6. Are you a member of a Social Networking Site?

* 7. If your answer to the above question is No, then choose the reason why? (You can choose more than one)

* 8. How many social networking sites communities/ groups are you a member of?

* 9. Please select all social networks for which you have created a personal profile(You can choose more than one)

* 10. How do you access your social network account? (You can choose more than one)

* 11. How long have you been using social networking sites?

* 12. On average, how much time do you spend daily on a social networking sites?

* 13. How many contacts/friends do you have on the social networking sites?

* 14. Do you accept strangers who try to friend you in social networking sites?

* 15. What information you include on your social network profile?

* 16. Why do you use an online social network? (you can choose more than one choice)

* 17. How does online networking affect your social life?

* 18. Have You Ever Been A Victim Of On-Line Bullying (offensive comments or emails)?

* 19. Are your parents aware of your social networking activities?

* 20. Do you think social networks are important?

* 21. Are you with using social networking technology for learning in schools/colleges?

* 22. Do you think privacy policies are effective in social networking sites?