1. Tell us what you think . . .

Your local Labour Action Team wants to know what you think about council services and the area in which you live. Please take a moment to fill in our short questionnaire

* 1. Which services do you think the council needs to improve most?

* 2. Do you think the council gets the most out of every penny of your council tax?

  No way Somewhere in between Definitely
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* 3. What do you think the council should do to make recycling easier?

* 4. Southwark Council is the tenth worst recycler in the country. How concerned are you about recycling?

  Not at all Somewhere in between A lot
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* 5. How worried are you about the shortage of local primary school places?

  Not at all Somewhere in between A lot
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* 6. What do you think is an acceptable distance for children to travel to their primary school?

* 7. If you’ve ever used council’s housing repairs service, how would you rate it?

  Poor Somewhere in between Good
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* 8. Please enter your name, address, telephone and e-mail address below. (If you would like to recieve updates from your local Labour candidates, please say so here.)

* 9. Which party do you usually vote for in elections?

* 10. I will be voting Labour in the May 2010 Local Elections in Southwark