Dear Parents/Guardians,
We need your help to find out what you like about our school and how we can make it better. Please answer the questions below. Do not put your name on this survey. There are no right or wrong answers. We hope you feel comfortable to answer the questions honestly and show how you really feel about your child's school.

*Please Note:

• If you have another child/children enrolled in another school(s) within the district, you may complete a survey for each child at his/her respective school by navigating to the school’s web page via
• If you have more than one child enrolled at this school, you may submit one survey for each of them.

Please select a response to each question.

* 1. Please select your child's grade level.

* 2. Please select your appropriate ethnicity:

* 3. My child's identified gender is.

* 4. In my child's school, there are clear rules against physically hurting other people.

* 5. I have seen students at my child's school being physically hurt by other students more than once.

* 6. There are groups of students in the school who exclude others and make them feel bad for not being a part of the group.

* 7. Students at my child's school will try to stop students from insulting or making fun of other students.

* 8. Students in my child's school respect each other's differences.

* 9. Parents/guardians feel welcome at my child's school.

* 10. I am happy with the level of communication I receive from my child's school.

* 11. I feel comfortable contacting my child's school when I have questions and/or concerns.

* 12. I feel comfortable contacting my child's teacher(s) when I have questions and/or concerns.

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