1. PBC Redistricting Process

—Federal law requires a census count of the total U.S. population every 10 years. A census count was taken in 2010, resulting in an increase in population for the state of Florida and Palm Beach County. —The 2010 Census reflected a population increase from 15,982,378 to 18,801,310, an increase of 17.6% over the 2000 census count. Palm Beach County’s population increased from 1,131,088 to 1,320,134, an increase of 16.7% over the 2000 census count.

Legislative and congressional districts, as well as single-member districts within counties and municipalities in the state of Florida are required by federal law and Chapter 124 of the Florida Statutes to redistrict. Districts must be maintained as nearly equal in proportion to population as possible and modifications shall be made only in odd-numbered years.

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