A PLN for Edu Suppliers...

Every week on Twitter there are a growing number of connected educators who come together to discuss a range of issues and build their personal learning network (PLN). There are currently over 170 weekly chats.

In many cases this online interaction leads to real life collaboration, and we are keen to know if education suppliers feel that a regular Twitter Chat for suppliers would be useful. This would be a forum where we could share ideas & best practice, collaborate and network with other suppliers... A PLN for Edu suppliers. Please fill out the details below if you feel this would be worth exploring.

* 1. Do you think a regular Twitter #StartUpEduChat session would be a good idea?

* 3. What kind of topics do you think would be beneficial to you and your organisation?

* 4. We are doing some research on social media with education suppliers and would be interested to know which social media channels you and your organisation currently use. Any findings will be shared with anyone who completes this survey.

* 5. If you would like to be kept updated with #StartUpEduChat or any of our other work with education suppliers - including curated lists and new reports (Which we are working on as a follow up to our "Developing Relationships and Delivering Value" report), please fill out the details below