Survey: Policing & Family Violence

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey on police responses to family violence - your insights and observations are greatly appreciated. 

This survey is targeted at support workers, lawyers and other workers supporting people experiencing family violence and/or with observations of family violence policing in Victoria.  We recognise that many workers also have personal experience, and we welcome input and knowledge across both work and lived experience.

This survey is part of the "Policing family violence: Changing the Story" project, a collaboration between Flat Out, the Police Accountability Project, The Law & Advocacy Centre for Women, Inner Melbourne Community Legal and St Kilda Legal Service.

Survey responses will remain de-identified, and will be used to guide the focus of the project, and contribute to casework, legal assistance, advocacy and training. Please feel free to forward this survey to your networks.

If you want to get in touch with us about the survey or anything related to the project, please email

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The Policing Family Violence project

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* 1. I give my consent for the 'Policing Family Violence: Changing the Story' project to use the information given in my survey response in a de-identified way for work related to policing and family violence, including to guide the project, identify trends in police accountability issues and as part of public advocacy work

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* 2. Please describe your role, work or relationship to/experience with the policing of family violence:

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* 3. Do you have a specialised focus, intersection or specific area of family violence work? For example, do you work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing violence?  With older or younger people? With newly arrived migrants, or specific communities? With LGBTIQA+ people? With women who have been criminalised?

Please provide detail in the comment box below.

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* 4. How long have you had any engagement with or observation of family violence policing in Victoria?

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* 5. Which police region/s does your work cover? Please select the region/s your survey answers and observations from practice relate to.

If you are not sure which police region covers your area, you can view the list of Local Government areas in each region here:

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* 6. Service provision area: Which suburbs or local council areas does your work cover?

To find your local council area on an interactive map, please visit:

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* 7. When you have interaction with or observations of police family violence practice, which officers, specialist roles, units or rank are involved/are you dealing with? Please select all that apply.

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* 8. Are there particular police stations that you deal with regularly or that your survey answers relate to? If so, please list: