An advocacy group for concerned members of CPA Australia

Dear CPA Members


Over the past year we have witnessed an unprecedented governance meltdown at our professional association – CPA Australia. Although the Board has now been refreshed, there is much to do to restore CPA Australia’s reputation.

We invite you to join 4,000 other Spillers in playing a role in this transformation, by putting your name and vote to necessary constitutional and governance changes that will ensure what happened in the past can never happen again.

This member advocacy group is coordinated by a team of concerned members whose objective is to bring CPA members together and give us a voice and a vote in the transformation of our association.

We call ourselves “Spillers” because our group began life as a petition to Spill the Board of CPA Australia, after the reputational and operational damage to members became untenable. As our numbers built, and our lobbying intensified, we achieved what we set out to do: the exit of all remaining Board members.

With our goal of removing the Board complete (as at 31/12/17 when the last 2 remaining directors resign) our attention is now focused on holding the new Board to account in delivering the change we expect.

The Interim Report issued by CPA’s Independent Review Panel has validated member concerns and it is critical that major reform of our association now take place.

On behalf of all Spillers, we will monitor the progress of CPA Australia’s new board in the lead up to the 2018 Annual General Meeting.  And we’ll continue to share initiatives that individual Spillers are leading to improve transparency, engagement and governance at CPA Australia.

If you are a member of CPA Australia, we invite you to become a Spiller by CLICKING HERE

And if you have something to contribute, please sign up and send your suggestions to


Jen Dalitz, CPA – tel 0414 647 382
Glen Hasselman, CPA – tel 0433 431 118
Andrew North, CPA – tel 0412 504 828