St.Patrick's Feasibility Study

Thank you for your participation.  Your honest feedback is appreciated as we work together to prepare for the future of your parish and its missions.  Below is the vision statement created by your leadership. Please answer the questions based on this statement.  
St. Patrick's Church.

From its humble beginnings to the present-day campus over the span of 114 years, God has abundantly blessed St. Patrick Catholic Church by His providence to do His work. Our parish campus is vital as we grow and enhance our commitment to our faith and provides a place to learn and worship. It provides a place where we can pass on to future generations our beliefs, our values, and the teachings of our Catholic heritage. It provides a place for us to gather as a family to share our faith.


Our Vision ….

Working together to fulfill our vision, we hope to be able to enhance and enrich our parish campus, which will bring us together as a faith family and will lead us to a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. These projects will provide facilities that all members of our parish can utilize, making our parish and school more welcoming and inviting, while also being more safe and efficient.


Phase I – approximate cost - $500,000

* Main church renovations, including roof and west parapet wall

* Bell tower and north tower renovations

* Interior plaster wall and ceiling restoration

* Drainage improvements on north and south side of church and dumpster area

* Two accessible restrooms and relocation of confessional at church entry

* Update church’s HVAC system to include a new 10-ton A/C condensing unit at south side of church and install a 3-ton mini-split A/C unit for church balcony

* Replace gym floor, lights, cross-court basketball goals, and volleyball net

* Add cooling to existing gymnasium HVAC system

* Add restroom to preschool classroom

* Waterproof west exterior wall of gymnasium and renovate west lower level classrooms, including the west exterior doors


Phase 2 – approximate cost $500,000

* Construct new 1,400 sq ft rectory on Bethlehem Chapel site

* Construct new 2,648 sq ft Parish Office Building on current rectory site to include v reception area, parish offices, Adoration Chapel, gift shop, library and boardroom, Birthline and food pantry space, restrooms, and kitchenette


Phase 3 – approximate cost $550,000

* Construct new 4,032 sq ft Parish Center attached to Parish Office building

* Renovate existing Parish Center meeting room for school needs


These projects, totaling approximately $1.55 million, will allow us to prepare our parish campus for the future and provide for the many ministries of St. Patrick’s.


The Future ….

As we look to the future of our parish and the education of our children, we need to continue to maintain and enhance our parish campus, recognizing its importance in our faith journey. Our forefathers had the passion, the vision, and the commitment to build our parish for us, so that we could have a place to worship, deepen our faith and grow our parish family. Like our forefathers, it is now our turn to be good stewards of the many gifts God has given to us, by continuing that mission of providing for the current and future needs of our parish families.


Let us hope and pray that our future at St. Patrick’s will be as successful as the past.


The impact this vision will have on our St. Patrick families is limitless and we urge all members to participate by providing feedback on this vision and by praying for the future of our parish.

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* 1. How informed are you of the projects presented in the vision statement?

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* 2. What do you consider to be two or three of St.Patrick's  top strengths?

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* 3. What areas of concern do you see that may affect a capital campaign?

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* 4. Who, in your best judgment, would be three to five persons who could provide the leadership to make a capital campaign successful?

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* 5. How important do you believe the project is to the future well being of St. Patrick's?

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* 6. A capital campaign will need many volunteers to ensure its success.  If asked, would you accept a leadership or supportive role?

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* 7. If the campaign goes forward, would you consider a gift to the campaign, above and beyond your ordinary giving over a 3-yr period?

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* 8. Without making a commitment, would you please share what your gift might be, over a 3 year commitment and above and beyond your ordinary giving?

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* 9. Have you or would  you consider making an estate gift to St. Patrick's?

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* 10. What advice or comments do you have for the leadership of St. Patrick's regarding a capital campaign?