Virginia Oncology Associates is committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. Your satisfaction is incredibly important and we strive to continually enhance your experience with us.  Therefore, we will regularly distribute surveys to determine how we may continue to improve to meet the expectations of our patient and advance the overall care delivery of our practice.

We know that the demands on your time are great, and we appreciate your participation to complete the survey below. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes. Thank you again for your time and feedback.

Thank you.

* 3. Rate your satisfaction with the ease of reaching the office by telephone.

* 4. After leaving a voicemail with our office, did you receive a call back within 24 hours?

* 5. How would you rate the attitude exhibited by the scheduling staff?

* 6. How would you rate the efficiency in scheduling scans within our office (ex. MRI, CT Scans)?

* 7. How would you rate the manner exhibited by the lab staff?

* 8. How would you rate the manner exhibited by the nursing staff in the treatment area?

* 9. How would you rate the manner exhibited by the clinical staff within the exam room?

* 10. How well did your treating physician explain what was going on both with your condition and expected treatments/outcomes?

* 11. How likely are you to recommend Virginia Oncology Associates to your friends and family?

* 12. Is there any individual(s) that you dealt with that you feel exhibited exceptionally high customer service skills? If yes, who were they or what did they do?

* 13. Do you have any other comments, questions or concerns?

* 14. Would you like to be contacted regarding your survey?

* 15. Contact Information (Optional)

* 16. Address (Optional)