This questionnaire is intended to be used as a tool to evaluate the country report for Philippines, regarding the Entrepreneurial University, that has been prepared in the framework of the BEEHIVE Programme, funded by the EU (Erasmus+). It requires that the country report has been read and will be a valuable tool to enrich and improve it.

* 1. Please provide some contact details.

* 2. How clear was the presentation of information?

* 3. Was the language / terminology used appropriate?

* 4. How clearly were the report's objectives explained?

* 5. How relevant were the questions asked?

* 6. To what extent were all important topics covered?

* 7. How useful was the information presented in the report?

* 8. How accurate did you find the information presented to be?

* 9. To what extend do you think the report's objectives were achieved?

* 10. Do you have any recommendations? (if No leave question blank, if Yes please elaborate)