How Can the WCTCCA Better Serve You?

The Washington Community and Technical College Counseling Association (WCTCCA) is the only professional college counseling organization in Washington state. WCTCCA offers an annual very affordable professional development conference at a beautiful lodge in North Bend where counselors also have an opportunity to network with each other and earn up to six CEUs. In order to learn how we can better serve you, please complete the quick five-question anonymous survey.

Here is some more information about WCTCCA:
     Winter newsletter

* 1. Do you attend the annual WCTCCA professional development conference?

* 2. If not, what barriers prevent your participation?    

* 3. Prior to receiving this survey, had you heard about the WCTCCA?

* 4. Given your busy schedule and multiple responsibilities, what could the WCTCCA offer that would make participation a priority for you and your college?

* 5. What specific professional development topics would most interest you?

* 6. On which days of the week would you prefer that future conferences be held?

* 7. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?