We invite you to review the draft code of ordinances and make comments using this form. Please submit comments by July 31, 2019. View the draft code of ordinances at www.lmcd.org or directly HERE
The LMCD has been working with a Work Group to recodify its code of ordinances to make it easier to use for stakeholders and the general public. We are inviting you to review the draft and offer your comments. The following are some notes to keep in mind as you review the draft Code:

·        This recodification is not intended to change any of the substantive regulations within the Code.  If you believe any of the substantive regulations were changed, please point them out in your comments.

·        The draft Code is reorganized with three main users in mind: commercial; municipal; and residential.  The resulting Code is longer, but will hopefully be easier to navigate as a user can focus on their particular category to identify the applicable uses and regulations.  An effort was also made to bring together the general regulations applicable to all users and to establish uniform administrative procedures.

·        Any comments you may have regarding the draft Code are welcome, but comments proposing substantive changes to the regulations will not be addressed as part of this recodification.  Instead, substantive change proposed in the submitted comments and those identified during the recodification process will be submitted to the LMCD Board separately for consideration after the revised Code is adopted.

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* 1. Tell us your comments and suggestions regarding the draft recodified LMCD code of ordinances, i.e, what you like, possible improvements, etc.

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