EKAAA 2017 - Categories

The  EKAAA provide a fabulous opportunity for all members of the community, including government, private enterprise, community groups and individuals, to be a part of an event that celebrates Aboriginal achievements across the region. The focus is on rewarding quiet achievers and individuals and organisations whose contributions have enhanced the cultural, social and economic development of Aboriginal people in the East Kimberley.
More information about each category can be found here: Nomination Pack 2017

* 1. How did you find out about these awards?

* 2. Name of person nominating

* 3. Contact details of person nominating (postal address, phone, email)

* 4. Name of nominee

* 5. Contact details of nominee (postal address, phone, email)

* 6. Please choose the award category you would like to nominate this person for (only one category per entry / form):

* 7. What has the nominated person / organisation / group achieved? (Minimum 150 Words)

* 8. How was it achieved? (Minimum 150 Words)

* 9. What evidence is there to support the nomination (Minimum 100 words) 
(E.G. For academic awards provide information relating to academic achievement or for community programs outline the contributions made to that program or service. Contact the EKAAA Project Officer on 08-9168 3881 if you require assistance.)

* 10. Additional Comments