1. About You

Thanks for participating! This survey is for people who play Viper electric violins. If you choose to provide an email address, you will be entered in a drawing for a free Turbow!!! ALSO, if you forward the survey to your Viper playing friends, remind them to input your email address as a referral and you will be entered for another chance to win!

If you have any questions, issues, or technical problems, please email cassandra@sotosonline.com.


* 1. Please enter some basic demographic information:
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* 3. Male/Female?

* 4. Age?

* 5. Do you currently own a Viper?

* 7. Where did you purchase your Viper?

* 8. How was the transition to Viper from acoustic violin?

* 9. How long have you had your Viper? (if you have more than one Viper, please consider the first Viper you purchased, ie the longest time period)

* 10. Knowing what you know now after having owned your Wood instrument for however long you’ve owned it, would you purchase it in the same configuration (i.e., same number of strings, fretted vs fretless, pickup choice, color choice)?

* 11. Do you plan on purchasing any of the following instruments or bows in the future?

* 12. At what level of playing do you consider yourself?

* 13. If you teach ... what age level/subjects do you teach?

* 14. Do you use your Viper when teaching?

* 15. What types of music do you associate yourself with as a musician?

* 16. What is the highest level of your formal music training?