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Informed Consent Form

In this study you will be asked to fill out a series of questions some related to emotional states and those who are bilingual will also be directed to a vocabulary exercise.
The majority of the questions are based on a series of word definitions, for which you will be asked to provide the word they are defining. If you cannot recall the word you will be given a further opportunity to choose the word from a multiple choice task.

All information you provide will remain confidential and your name will not be requested at any time. The data will be accessible only to those working on the project. If for any reason during this study you do not feel comfortable, you may exit the window you are viewing, and your information will be discarded. You are welcome to take a break at any time as there is not time limit.
Your participation in this study will require approximately 25-30 minutes. When the study is complete you will be shown a debrief form explaining the study in more detail and you will be free to ask any questions via email. If you have any questions concerning this study please feel free to contact us: Carolina Manzano-Vinuenza  at or Cristina Izura at This study has been ethically approved by Swansea University.

Please enter your email address (if you would like to enter into the prize draw for a £20 amazon voucher) and your age as an indicator that you understand your rights and agree to participate in the experiment.

I have read the above information. I consent to participate in this study.

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